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The Strictly Sweep – The Final Result #scd

So, that’s that then. Did you enjoy it? It’s always big news when we reach the final, and often times a nail biter, as one can never guess which way the GBP will choose to take things, even in spite of the judges’ best efforts. Because, as we often find, the choice of the judges … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 12 #scd

So that’s your final four then. I’d guess that is what we’d have expected as the final four as we’ve gone through the competition, but you never can tell what the GBP might do. I mean, look at what happened to Aston. Still, there we are. Are you happy with the final four? “But what … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 11 #scd

Well, that was something of a shock wasn’t it. Or was it? I’m often of the opinion that you can tell whether someone has the support of the GBP, and whether they don’t, and there is no doubt that certain remaining celebrities do have the support of the GBP – I reckon it’s fair to … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 10 #scd

And thus we reach the quarter-final. I think the line up for next week was pretty much to be expected, although who the GBP ended up voting through was perhaps more of a surprise. What we should take from the make-up of the dance-off is left to our own thoughts. As indeed are the thoughts … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 9 #scd

And the shocks just keep on comin’. No, we didn’t have a shock exit, but who saw THAT match up in the dance-off? Blackpool has a way of doing that to you, but then again, the GBP are narky in that sort of way. But still, that’s Blackpool for you. Clearly it inspired Gemma, as … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 8 #scd

I will say I didn’t see that coming. Given the proclivities of the GBP to keep certain people in the competition at least as far as Blackpool, and the other seeming proclivities to take against people, I’m not sure I would have named that particular dance-off line-up. It is patently apparent to me (and really … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 7 #scd

Oh My God. I mean OH MY GOD!! No way was I expecting that. I mean seriously!!?? WTAF people!!?? I think we all know what I’m talking about. And I’m not joking here; there is nothing else to talk about except the result. Even Debbie & Giovanni getting the earliest perfect score in history pales … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 6 #scd

If there was anyone that didn’t see that coming, then evidently you aren’t watching. But before we get to that, what did we think of Halloween week? Certain maternal persons of my acquaintance are of the opinion that there needs to be some freshening up of the format, given we’ve had Movie Week, Halloween Week … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 5 #scd

It’s always the case, every year, that I hold my head in my hands at the marks the judges hand out to the couples they seem to favour. Honestly, this weekend was no exception; did you believe that Joe & Katya’s Paso Doble was worth the 10 that Head Judge Shirley gave them? Because I … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 4 #scd

That was unexpected. I mean genuinely, I wasn’t expecting that. Obviously, as I’ve mentioned in the past, we’ve seen 10s even earlier than this in the past (Jay & Aliona if you’d forgotten), but, upon the conclusion of Alexandra & Gorka’s Jive, I certainly thought “hmm, not sure about that” – there didn’t seem to … Continue reading