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The Strictly Sweep – The Final Result

Well then. That was that. Did you watch? Were those of you with more than the usual interest biting your nails? Did you cheer at the screen after your couple’s routines? We always know that the final throws up numerous 10s, plus the odd perfect score or two, and this was no exception. What was … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 12

That has sent Twitter absolutely berserk. There has been a total Twitter meltdown after that result. Not only that, but there was much shouting at the telly as a result of the marks given out by the judges, not to mention proverbial gnashing of teeth, and cries of “fix”. What did we see? We saw … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 11

Wow – totes emosh. But then we knew it would be getting so close to the big one. You’re so close to the final you can almost taste it, and you do your utmost to try and get to the semi, to get to do those two dances in one week, to get you through. … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 10

Well then peeps, that was one hell of a ride wasn’t it. The first ever perfect score for a Samba, almost perfection from another routine, the fight to get through to one last milestone week. I tell you all, I’m wiped out from it. When we reach the business end of the competition, it just … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 9

There is one burning question that Blackpool has thrown up in the mind of yours truly – “can Danny sing?”. Because, given that his day job is acting, and he is patently an exceptional dancer, a future in musical theatre beckons if he can hold a tune. We know that he’s an exceptional dancer, and … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 8

Well, that was traumatic. We all know how much everyone wants to get to Blackpool, so to fall at the final hurdle must be gutting. We could see that everyone was throwing the kitchen sink at it, to impress the judges and the GBP enough. Which could explain why we saw such a frantic Argentine … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 7

HOLY CRAPOLA!!! Could this be the best series ever?? We’re only at Week 7, and already almost everyone is consistently scoring over 30. To have so many consistently good celebrities is such a refreshing change, that we even see the comedy relief getting better. It’s certainly true that Ed is not the best dancer we’ve … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 6

So, how did you find the Strictly Spooktacular? Did you expect what you saw? Did you see what you expected? Am I asking too many questions? Obviously we know that we’re moving towards the business end of the competition, and therefore more people are going out, and fewer people are left in, so more of … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 5

As we always say, Strictly is divided into a series of milestone weeks that people set their targets by. And now we’ve reached the second of those this series, with the ones progressing this week reaching Halloween. And yet, the fact that everyone seemed to be dropping like flies kinda put the whole thing in … Continue reading

The Strictly Sweep – Week 4

When watching Strictly, do you treat it like watching football? Admittedly not a lot of you will do the latter activity on a regular basis (or indeed any basis), so this is perhaps not the best of metaphors, but bear with me. For those of us that do regularly watch football, one of the things … Continue reading